The 3 Best Training Methods To Lose Weight

Use your creativity and imagine this scenario…

…You walk into a gym.

…You complete a workout.

…You then magically clone yourself.

…You make your clone workout for 15 hours.

…And you reap the rewards of all the extra calories your clone just burned.

Weird analogy, I know…

But it sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

Well, in this post I’m going to show you how to ‘magically clone yourself’ to burn calories 15 hours after a workout so you can lose fat quicker.

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How To Burn Calories 15 Hours After A Workout To Lose Fat Quicker

Have you ever been on a long car trip?

What happens immediately after you’ve reached your destination?

Is your car still warm or does it go cold?

It remains warm and it slowly cools down to a resting temperature.

Here’s what’s cool…

Our body does the same thing.

Back to the weird little clone analogy I gave earlier…

Your metabolism is acting as your clone to burn extra calories once you’ve completed a workout.

This happens through a process called EPOC ‘Excess Post Oxygen Consumption’

It’s also commonly known and marketed as the ‘After Burn Effect’.

How Does It Work?

Warp back to the last time you exercised to the point you were out of breath and your muscles started to really burn…

Why did that happen?

It happened because when you exercise at such an intensity that you can’t sustain, your body’s oxygen stores become depleted and your muscles start to fill up with something called lactic acid (the reason for that burning feeling in your muscles).

High intensity sessions place the body to work harder to build the oxygen stores back up.

After a high intensity interval training workout, our body has a list of duties to complete…

…Such as:

1. Restore and replace ATP used during the workout (the energy you used).

2. Repair the muscles that were broken down during the workout.

3. Restore oxygen levels in blood.

4. Get back into it’s resting body temperature.

In other words, your body burns a higher amount of calories from the duties it needs to complete.

Here’s A Simple Formula To Help You Understand:

High Intensity Interval Training Workout + Long Duration = More Duties For The Body To Complete = More Calories Burned Post Workout

High Intensity Interval Training Workout + Low Duration = Less Duties For The Body To Complete = Less Calories Burned Post Workout

3 Ways To Maximize Fat Burn Using EPOC Workouts

Keep in mind that almost all type of workouts can boost EPOC to some level…

But there are workouts that rely heavily on the anaerobic pathway rather than the aerobic pathway for energy that results in higher levels of fat being burned.

Those are some big words that can make most of you confused so let me break it down in a simple way…

A 60 minute high intensity interval workout (energy used primarily from anaerobic pathway) will have a greater afterburn effect compared to a 60 minute slow walk (energy used primarily from aerobic pathway).

1. High Intensity Interval Training


If you’re unaware of what High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is, it’s when you exercise at a high intensity for a short period of time followed by exercising at a low intensity for a short period of time…

…For example, running hard for 30 seconds, followed by running slow for a minute and completing that 8 times.

What’s amazing about HIIT training is that studies completed at the university of New South Wales Medical Sciences have proven that HIIT burns 3x more body fat compared to steady state cardio.

This is something I definitely recommend you implementing into your exercise regime if you’re looking to lose weight…

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2. Sprint Training 

With sprint training, ensure you complete a 10 minute warm up followed by dynamic stretches and then gradually increase your intensity with your sprints to avoid injury.

For example:

  1. 60m flat sprint at 70% effort x 3
  2. 60m flat sprint at 85% effort x 3
  3. 60m flat sprint at 100% effort x 5
  4. Rest 2-5 minutes between sprints.

3. Resistance Training


Most people are afraid to walk into a gym to perform weight training because they fear that they don’t know what they’re doing and will be laughed at or women fear they will get a bulky look…

First, understand that if you’re a lady, you won’t get big and bulky because you don’t have the same levels of hormones that men do.

Secondly, there’s nothing stopping your from picking up a pair of dumbbells and completing a weight training workout at home or in your backyard.

Studies show us that your metabolism will increase 9.4% after exercise for 15 hours so it’s something you might want to start doing 3-5 times per week.

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