What’s up! I’m Matt Cama, and I’m a Personal Transformation & Health Coach. I’m a man on a mission who is insanely dedicated to help unleash the potential within other human beings. I dedicate my time and energy to put content out online that serves people in multiple areas of their life, whether that be helping someone tear down any limiting beliefs they were unaware of, create a healthier body, love their body, integrate their actions with their values, become more present or become more connected to themselves and all living things.

My story began in my first year of high school, after being bullied for being a chubby kid, I reached a threshold where I couldn’t stand it anymore so I decided to start exercising and eating healthier to lose weight. After losing the weight, I discovered that even though I changed the way that I looked, I didn’t change the way I see. I was still unhappy with my body and comparing myself to others. I went on a deep healing mission to create higher levels of self-love and now show others how to do the same.

I then became a personal trainer and was highly successful in my business, however, what set my soul on fire was talking about life, spirituality and philosophy. I decided to follow my heart, leave my successful bootcamp business and go all in to create content that my heart was yanking at me to do.

Ever since then, I’ve now integrated my passions of health, life, spirituality and philosophy and have created Youtube channels around it that reach a combine total of a quarter million people consistently EACH MONTH. I’ve also become an author of The Going Vegan Guide and created multiple programs to help people become healthier.